Company Capability

Committed to excellence

Our sole focus is to provide staff that can push projects forward by providing accurate advice in the office and in the field.

We consistently apply unique approaches using the latest tech to provide quality and timely services, no matter the project size.

Our Capabilities

  • POSI (Protection of Survey Infrastructure)
  • Survey Interface & Project Staffing
  • Utility Surveys to SUI 5488 and Endeavour Energy SAS 0004 Standards
  • Setout, Pre Pours and Conformance Surveys
  • Establishment of boundaries and survey control
  • Work as Executed Plans
  • Forecasting/ Mass haul and staging design
  • Machine guidance data management
  • Land survey & quantity surveys

Our Capabilities

  • Major and minor structural monitoring including bridge and rail
  • Risk analysis with clash detection
  • Plan drafting
  • Aerial Surveys (UAV)
  • Laser scanning and modelling